Up in the Himalayas

In the remote areas of Himalayas lies a beautiful valley filled with wild flowers of different hues fluttering in the wind, captivating meadows and busy water streams.

Phuhar is enthralled by the pristine beauty of Miyar Valley. Its trek starts from Udaipur in Lahaul, Himachal Pradesh. The walk is mostly on an easy flat trail through some of the most spectacular landscapes in the Central Himalayas. Throughout her travelling experience, Phuhar has enjoyed her wandering.

The valley and its meadows are a home to plants and herbs with medicinal values and countless migratory birds. It is also a host to sapphire and ruby-encrusted hills. Basically from aesthetically pleasing landscapes to beguiling rustic villages, there are many such wonderful reasons to visit this huge valley.

Being far from the chaotic urban settings, this place is filled with chirpy sunrises, electrifying sunsets with calming cold nights with the magical view of stars and moon twinkling in the horizon. The rustic villages give a sneak peak into native Himalayan life where one can find eternal closeness with nature. 

A trek in such places harbors all sorts of activities like pitching tents, collecting woods and cow dung for fuel to cook amidst the meadows. It also offers a safe space where one can explore and meet other travelers and local shepherds.

Climbing hills, reaching great heights to see incredible view points and crossing free flowing streamers are a part of this amazing trek. One can find their calm and wilderness at the same time in this valley. It’s easy to get allured by the purity, sanctity and serenity that this place holds in its very soul. 

A soulful place where God itself brushes the strokes of the shrubs and flowers brings them to life with different tints and tones. A paradise where water gushes like pearls into the rivers, where clouds look like soft candy balls, where sun shines like a golden ball and stars twinkle like flickering candles. 

This traveller spirit in Phuhar invoked her to infuse the same richness into her brand and what she plans ahead.