Meeyar - The Inspiration

The Himalayas is a place where the narrow ends of the mountains whisper in your ears to wander and observe moving clouds taking different shapes and forms while lying down on soft lush green meadows. It whispers to you to experience heaven in its own beautiful ways. And we intend to send this heaven at your doorstep in the form of some graceful designs. It's rivers teach us that the first river you paddle runs through the rest of your life, similarly, the style we pick up remains forever. 

We have infused the same power of passion and shine from the magical elements of the Himalayas and extracted them into the styles. Our dresses will remind you of the enthralling pleats of mountains, our flowy dresses will remind you of gushing streams. Every intricate element is purely juiced out from the pristine beauty of the Himalayas.

The opposite of more isn't always less, it's enough. The meadows and valleys are evident for the same. This professional minimalist outfit will be a perfect walk down the places where you want to feel completely empty. Our outfits will make you complete with its minimalist patterns.

The dandelion valleys always take us down to the childhood memory lanes where we all would make a dandelion wish. We are bringing the same tenderness and dreamy touch, in our dresses to make you look like a dandelion. 

You’ll learn to embrace unevenness and uncertainty as we are infusing the same uneven elements of nature to help you ponder that exploring the uncertain can be so beautiful.  We’ll make you appreciate that everything is perfect in its own imperfect ways. 

We understand that sometimes we are struck with scenery so beautiful that we cannot help but extract some hues from it. We have extracted the beautiful aura of mountains in our styles.